Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Jericho Foaming Facial Scrub

Earlier today I was in Mall of Asia and was heading towards a coffee shop. A good looking beautiful man from Jericho smiled at me from afar, approached me and handed me a free sample of their moisturizer. Of course I accepted. Who doesn't want freebies?! But whoever said nothing's for free anymore, is totally right.  I ended up buying a 1,800-peso facial foam!

Jericho basically markets cosmetic and therapeutic products based on Dead Sea salts, minerals, and black mud. They've been around for 20 years and has been in the Philippines for 3 years now.

I honestly think that that Israeli is the epitome of a salesman! He was assertive, persistent and a smooth talker. He gave me compliments here and there and even though I knew it was part of the talk, it was really effective! Haha!

He presented a facial foam to me 'coz he could obviously see that my major skin problem is my oiliness. He said the salt from the dead sea is going to absorb all the oil and eventually get rid of it completely. The product is all natural and paraben free.

According to their website:

Jericho's Foaming Facial Scrub is "a unique foaming gel to clean and moisturize the skin. Rich in Dead Sea minerals, this product also contains Vitamin C that gives the skin a radiant look and one of nature's most beautifying herbs Chamomile extract to soften and calm the skin."

He instructed me to use it once a week, hence one bottle can last for 1 year. He said it is priced at 2,600 pesos but because of an ongoing promo he can give it to me for 1,800 bucks only. Sales talk. Anyway he gave me a "free" acne soap, which puzzled me 'coz I don't have acne so he gave me the black mud soap instead. I'm going to do a separate review on that.

Upon getting home I immediately tried the facial foam. As instructed by "the beautiful man" I washed my face with warm water first, applied it and rinsed with cold water. I immediately noticed that my mascara was easily taken off with just one wash. My skin felt clean yet not dry. After 5 hours my face is not as oily as it should be. Pretty impressive. :)

I'm gonna do an updated review when I see more results. :)

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  1. You paid too much for the facial scrub, even with the free mud soap.

  2. They really just have to fool people huh. You didn't get the soap for free; it's priced at 8 bucks online and the foaming facial cleanser at 20-24. Quite cheaper than Php1800. (You shouldn't really use bucks when you mean Philippine peso.) Regarding the promo HA they still do that. Only, the guy didn't offer a free soap so he was selling the foam cleanser to me at Php1500.