Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review: Nichido Matte Lipsticks in Glamour and Pink Lush

These are one of my first purchases when I was just starting to "discover" makeup last year. I was absolutely clueless about what to try and what would work best for me. I picked up these two Matte Lipsticks from Nichido 'coz I thought I should have one pink and one red lipstick for everyday use. So I went to Watsons, swatched the first thing I saw and bought it. You can do that if you know something about makeup but when you're a lost lamb like I was, you may want to read reviews first.

I bought Glamour and Pink Lush. Glamour is a warm red shade and Pink Lush is a bright pink lipstick. The packaging feels cheap but decent, regardless. The ingredients are listed on the tube. The colored cap can be removed and it actually contains a lip gloss of the same shade! How convenient is that?

The lip glosses are creamy and with good pigmentation. If you wish you can skip the lipstick and just go with the gloss. You'll be good to go. It is odorless, non sticky and very easy to apply even with just your fingertips.

The lipsticks are pigmented as well. They smell like M&Ms to me, which is okay but I prefer that they're not. Staying power is very good. It can last for 4 to 6 hours. They don't glide smoothly and they can be drying on the lips as well. Swipe on a lip balm first for easier application and to moisturize your lips.

The formula of Pink Lush is too dry. It accentuates the lines on my lips even with a lip balm underneath. The shade is pretty but that's it.

Pink Lush without the gloss

Pink Lush looked better when topped with the gloss that came with the tube. However it defeats the whole purpose of buying a matte-finish lipstick.

Pink Lush with the gloss on top

Glamour's formula is better than Pink Lush. It has a bit of moisture yet still looks matte.

Glamour without the gloss
Glamour with the gloss on top

To sum everything up these are lipsticks that you can skip. Well Glamour you may try, but not Pink Lush. It's not worth your 200 bucks. I hope this post helps. :)


  1. Both shades are lovely though the formula might not be that nice but at least the color are pretty! You look super gorgeous on both shades! Pink Lush is so lovely! ^_^~

  2. OMG. Right after I read this post, I immediately looked for my Nichido lipstick and tried the lip gloss! Haha! I didn't know it was a lip gloss :))

  3. You look cool toned, I am warm toned and the lipstick don't look good at me, sigh it's a waste of money and and I was also clueless that time since I'm still experimenting. :) A beginner.

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