Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Walkthrough Review: Skin Station's Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal (1st session)

I've been wanting to have laser diode done on my underarms for the longest time. From what I've read it is more effective than IPL (Intense Pulse Light), so when Skin Station held a promo for their laser diode treatment I immediately availed. I paid 5,000 pesos for 8 sessions. It was such a steal!
But the question is, is it worth it?

Before going through the procedure here are some necessary instructions:
1. Do not shave the area to be treated one week before your appointment.
2. Do not pluck, wax or use a depilatory in the areas you wish to be treated 4 weeks prior.
3. Avoid any unnecessary UV exposure to the areas to be treated 4 weeks prior to treatment.
4. Avoid self tanning products 4 weeks prior to treatment.

I've been doing my research about this treatment so when I came to the clinic to avail the promo I was already prepared, hence I was able to undergo the treatment right away.

Upon entering I was greeted by courteous receptionists who answered all my queries. When I finished signing the information sheet, my attendant escorted me inside. I was pleasantly surprised that they have individual rooms for every client regardless of the procedure. Inside the treatment room I was asked to remove my shirt and to replace it with the towel that they have prepared.

My attendant was very nice. She explained the procedure while she was shaving my underarms so I felt less embarrassed about it. After that she applied a thick, cool cream on my underarm and she proceeded with the laser diode. It took maybe a minute or two for one underarm. It wasn't painful at all but you will feel a slight discomfort that will quickly go away before you twitch an eye. After the treatment she applied soothing gel to prevent inflammation. She also recommended for me to get one so I can apply for three consecutive nights, if I'm not mistaken. I wish I didn't buy it 'coz I didn't have any inflammation. -__-

It has been more than a week and so far the only change I have noticed is that the hairs grew SLIGHTLY slower than before. The second day after my treatment I can already see that my underarms hairs are starting to grow again. The thickness and the number of hairs growing are still the same. I was actually expecting it to grow after a week or two because the roots are supposed to be destroyed from the procedure. I'm not sure if this is normal for the first session.

To sum it up Skin Station's service was great, however, I'm a bit nervous about the outcome and effectivity of their laser diode. I will post an update after my second session. Fingers crossed.


  1. Excited to know if it's worth it.. :) will be waiting for an update! :)

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  3. same here, excited for the result of your diode hair removal. they have an ongoing promo now but i am still undecided up to now...

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  6. HI! I'm having a survey about this promo can I ask you some questions please? this is for my company study if its okay? :)

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  8. i'll be having my 7th session this coming saturday. i think 8 sessions won't be enough depending on the thickness of the hair. its weird coz i barely have hair on my left underarm already. but on the right side its still the same. i talked to one of the attendants about my concern and she said it really depends on the amount or the thickness of the hair. she even asked if i'm right handed and i said yes. maybe it has something to with that? she really didn't explain further.

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  10. Are you happy with Skin Station? Is it worth it after one year of getting their diode laser every six weeks?

  11. I've purchase this promo and it's not worth I thought it is permanent hair removal but it's not after a 7 sessions they would tell you that there would be just thinning of the hair and it will just lessen because I complain that it is not effective

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