Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: ELF Duo Eyeshadow Cream in Butter Pecan

I have yet another product to review and it's the Duo Eyeshadow Cream from ELF. These two shades are my first cream eyeshadows ever. I don't know. I just never thought of trying them out until last month. So was it worth the try?

According to

Express yourse.l.f. with the easy to blend, crease resistant, creamy duo eye shadow colors. Each gorgeous shade can be worn alone or together for a dramatic effect. The soft-blending formula can also be layered under powder eye shadow to set the color in and keep it lasting vibrant all day.

I thought cream eyeshadows would be nice to have since you can just swipe it on your lids using your fingertips. I went to the ELF counter and looked for a neutral duo that I can use everyday. I couldn't decide between Mocha Swirl and Butter Pecan. But the latter sounded yummy so that's what I got. :)

The darker one is a dark brown shade that you can either swipe all over your lids or blend on your crease area. I personally use this on my crease.

The lighter shade looks almost the same as my skin tone. So this does not really show up on me. However, I  find it to be a nice base for my powder eyeshadows. It makes the colors more vibrant and sets it to last longer. Much like a primer.

These cream eyeshadows do not finish as a powder. The consistency remains as it is. Hence there may be a little problem of creasing so it's best not to layer too much. 

Personally, I wouldn't use this product just by itself. It makes my oily lids look even greasier. I would, however, recommend it to be used as a base for powder eyeshadows. I think that's the best way to get the most out of my 130 pesos. :P

If you want to try these ELF cream eyeshadows you may want to look for more pigmented duos. Butter pecan is clearly made to be sheer for an everyday neutral look. :)

So, will I repurchase this? Nope. Probably not. 


  1. I'm not really a fan of cream shadows as I find them harder to blend so I just stick with compact powder eyeshadow..^_~

  2. Not a fan of this line of shadows from ELF. Even their more pigmented shades is bad. Hard to blend and creases like crazy. But I love their powder shadows :)

    Following you now dear :)

    1. I knew it! I should have went for the powder shadows. Will check them out when I have the chance. Thanks! :)