Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Fashion 21 Blush in No. 1

I wasn't going to buy, I swear! I was just passing by!

Fashion 21's line of single blush-ons have 8 shades. I got the shade number 1 as per the sales lady's recommendation. I wanted the brighter pink (forgot what number it was) but she said number 1 would suit me better. When I swatched I was convinced.

Shade number 1 is a gorgeous peachy-pink and gives just the right amount of flush on my skin. The color can be built up depending on your preference. It has quite an amount of  shimmer which helps give the skin a glowing effect.

This retails for 125 pesos a pop.

According to Fashion 21's website this can be applied either wet or dry. It's also water resistant.

Water resistant, girls, not waterproof. ;) Hence the staying power varies. If you're in an air-conditioned room for the whole day then you can expect it to stay on longer. But on the average it can last up to 3 or 4 hours.

It doesn't last very long on the cheeks but I don't mind reapplying. I just really love the color! :)

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