Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

I think around 10 months ago I was really curious about this so called "BB cream" (Blemish balm cream), which is claimed to be the “secret weapon” of Koreans to maintain their flawless skin. Since BB creams are from Korea where else should I get one for myself but in Etude House!

It has SPF 30, anti-wrinkle, anti-darkening and whitening properties. It promises to give you sheer glowing skin and silky complexion. I bought this for around 600 pesos months and months ago but I think today it’s already more than 700 pesos.

If there’s anything that I like about Etude House it will definitely be their packaging, but this one is an exception. The pump is just so hard to control! And if I’m lucky enough it will splash everywhere. What is hassle? O_O

But since I got this months ago I’m not sure if they have changed the pump already. I really hope they did. 

The product itself is good. It only gives a very sheer coverage, coz after all this isn’t a foundation. Your skin will look glowing, and it actually feels light on your face. This can also serve as your face primer to make your makeup last longer.

Can you guys see that burn mark from the one time that I attempted to iron my own clothes? :))
This was before I applied the BB cream on the area...

And this was after I applied BB cream.
See how it gave me a sheer coverage and even skin tone? :) 

I haven’t had any breakouts from this one so I guess there are no harsh ingredients in there. It’s also water-based, which is good coz it won’t clog your pores. 

But one thing you have to know is that when it comes to oil-control this is not the product to go to. When I use this I need put a powder foundation above it with good oil control to not look shiny at the end of the day.

I still have a good amount of this product 'coz you only need some to cover your whole face. I want to try other BB Creams too and see what's the best out there. =)

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  1. so pricey but i think this is really a must try ;)

    btw i followed your blog wish u could follow mine back

  2. BB Creams actually originated from Germany and was later on introduced to Asia. Good review though. :)

  3. This is one of the BB creams on my to try list!! :)