Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Ever Bilena Mousse Blush in Aster

Blushes tend to take a half-day on me. They just don't last the entire day on my face which is really frustrating 'coz I'm very pale and I really need color to not look sick. Ever Bilena was on sale about 6 months ago and this was the one that I came home with that day.

It's their Mousse Blush-On in Aster!

Packaging is just average. I think if they put a little more effort on the cap/lid it would look so much better.

What is a Mousse Blush anyway?

Mousse Blush has a cream consistency that finishes like a powder.
It is very convenient to use because it only requires your fingertips for application.
They are best used for oily skin or at least on well moisturized skin.

  • The shade is a nice doll pink with some shimmers.
  • It is very pigmented.
  • It is easy to pick up the product with your fingertips and to blend it as well.
  • It is long lasting by itself and it also serves its purpose as a base for my powder blushes.
  • It does not break me out.
  • It is very inexpensive for only 150 pesos. I got it for only 100 pesos during the Ever Bilena sale!
  • The consistency does not change even when I've had this for months already.

I have not encountered any problems with this product and I would say that it is very much recommended for those who are new to mousse blushes and wants to see how this kind of blush would work for them. =)

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