Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light

I've heard good reviews about this product on Youtube and this is actually my first ever Eyebrow kit! It's from Eyes, Lips, Face or E.L.F.

Ever since I started  using this I have realized the importance of good looking eyebrows. :)

The packaging is really nice. It feels sturdy even if it's plastic. It comes with a mirror and a tiny brush for application.

I've had this for months now as you can probably tell. The E.L.F. eyebrow kit has 4 available shades; Light, Medium, Dark and Ash. I got the one in Light because I didn't want screaming dark eyebrows. lol. :D

This is the tiny brush that comes with the kit. The slanted brush is used to apply the wax and help arch your brows, while the other side is used to apply the powder and to fill them in. I recommend that you don't use the slanted end coz it really does not pick up the wax. Use a standard slanted brush instead with enough thickness to get the most out of this product.

Wax -- Wax+Powder -- Powder

  • I really love this eyebrow kit because it's very easy to use! You don't have to worry with the application or how it will turn out.
  • It looks very natural on me coz it blends well with my brows.
  • It feels very light too. The wax doesn't feel greasy at all.
  • It gives me neat eyebrows ALL DAY LONG!
  • It doesn't smudge or disappear through out the day. It just stays in place until you wash it off!
  • The rounded brush end picks up the powder very well.
  • It's very affordable for only 250 pesos. It's a lot cheaper in the US where they sell this for only 3 dollars!

The Verdict: Highly Recommended!!!

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