Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review: Marionnaud Brushes (N30 Large Powder Brush and N32 Slanted Brush)

I’ve heard many good things about Marionnaud brushes! At first I thought it was a local brand but apparently it originated from France. 

I got myself the N32 slanted brush and the N30 large powder brush. 

By the way, you can’t have a feel of these brushes before buying 'coz they’re “locked” in their package and there are no samples available, at least that was the case in the store that I went to. So it’s best to read reviews before purchasing. 

The slanted brush and the powder brush are the ones that I needed at that time, plus they have the best reviews! 

Both are made of synthetic fiber which is surprisingly very soft! They pick up products very nicely and I have no problems of shedding or bleeding. I've had them for maybe half a year now and they are still in very good shape, plus they didn't lose their softness after many episodes of cleaning.

I love them both but the slanted brush is just divine! I can use it for applying blush and for contouring. The large powder blush is priced at 250 pesos, and the slanted brush is at 170 pesos. I’m happy with these brushes, and I’m targeting the pointed eyeshadow brush on my next haul! 


  1. I have both of these too! and indeed loving them!! =)