Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TV Show I'm Loving: Awkward.

If you love movies like Mean Girls and Easy A, you have to watch this.

I was so stressed this month that I only wanted to watch light and funny TV shows. I came across this series when I googled similar shows like New Girl, and I was hooked since episode 1!

Awkward is an American teen series created by MTV. It premiered last July 2011 but I only knew about it this month. The main character is 16-year-old Jenna Hamilton who struggles with self identity, loses her virginity to a jock during camp and gains attention at school due to an alleged suicide.

I know, the story line itself may not be too interesting. That was exactly what I thought before. But I gave it a shot and now I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed watching this series! No wonder it received mostly positive reviews and ratings. BTW, I heard Season 2 will be aired this July. Can't wait! :)

So, are you team Jake or team Matty? :)

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  1. I know she already chose Matt. But I'm team Jake forever.