Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Maybelline The Magnum Volum’ Express Super film

I originally wanted a waterproof mascara coz I hated the smudging that my previous one gave me from time to time. So I went to the Maybelline counter, my go-to brand when it comes to mascaras, and found this nice yellow tube.

It’s Maybelline’s The Magnum Volum’ Express Super film!

I was really going to buy the Waterproof one, coz that way I’m 100% sure that I will get no smudging, but the SA told me that the Super film one is smudge-proof and yet washable. How convenient is that?!

  • The wand is slightly curved and I like it coz it covers most of my lashes at once. 
  • I am so happy with the volume that I get with this mascara! 
  • It may tend to clump sometimes especially when you apply it in a hurry so just take your time.
  • Staying power is good. It can last the whole day for me. However it may tend to weigh my lashes down, but maybe it’s just because I have quite long lashes and coating it with the collagen formula will definitely give some weight in there.
  • What I really love about this product is the promise of being smudge-proof and washable, coz it really is! This mascara creates a film when it coats your lashes, hence the name Super Film, and you can actually see it when you wash it off. And since all I really wanted was a smudge-proof mascara, I got what I want and I’m so happy that I have this.
  • Very affordable for only 399 pesos!

My lashes without mascara

My lashes with the Magnum Superfilm mascara.
Very thick and black!

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