Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Top 5 Youtube Gurus

Yes, it’s true. I am a Youtube addict. 
I wake up in the morning and unlike most people who reach out for their mobile phones by instinct, I on the other hand grab my laptop and load any videos on Youtube. 
I don't know. Is it weird?

Anyway, here are the top 5 Youtube Gurus on my list:

5. juicystar07 & otherjuicystar07 – I love watching Blair's tag videos. This girl has LOTS of energy! I bet she can talk for hours and hours. (Well not as much as JLovesMac1 coz that girl can talk for days! Which isn’t negative at all coz she’s hella funny.) 

4. EverythingLuxy – This is Leyla and Mimi’s channel for makeup tutorials and random videos. They also have another channel, LuxyHair, that’s dedicated to hairstyling but I like EverythingLuxy better. I like the sense of style of these girls. One shopping tip I learned from Mimi: Never get it if you don’t love it!

3. hollyannaeree – I like Holly coz she has the best product reviews. I also like her jewelry hauls. She influenced me to accessorize coz it can really do a lot for your outfit.

2. DulceCandy87 – This girl shops like crazy, and I love it! I love watching her fashion hauls and getting tips on what looks good on what.

1. itsjudytime & itsJudysLife – Judy is such a sweet girl. I am addicted to her daily vlogs! Yes people, she uploads a video every day! It’s like watching a reality show on Youtube. And best of all, she’s also a Filipina! Thumbs up for Pinoy pride!

There are a lot of other Youtube gurus, including the famous Michelle Phan. I DO LOVE HER it's just that I don't usually watch makeup tutorials. I'm more into hauls, tags, vlogs etc.

So who are your top 5 Youtube gurus? =)


  1. Hauls, tags and Vlogs hmm? Might I recommend Elessa Jade (pursebuzz), Kandee Johnson or even Lauren Luke? (although the latter two are more of make up vids)

    Oh and I follow UrbanOG too at youtube, thought its more like a promotion for an online shop, they also feature very informative videos. :D

    1. Ooh! I love Kandee. Will check out the other two. Thanks for suggesting! :)