Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Nichido Lip Pencils in Blaze and Rosette

So here's another Nichido post. I went through my train case today and found these. I can't believe I've had them for a year and never used them! Anyway, here goes my review on the Nichido Lip Pencils in Blaze and Rosette.

I bought these lip pencils/liners back when I was starting my makeup collection. From watching youtube videos I learned that it helps the lipstick to last longer on the lips and they also prevent it from bleeding or running outside of your lip line. 

Rosette and Blaze were the only two shades of the Nichido Lip Liners. I'm not sure if they added new ones but at that time there were only two, so I got them both.

Rosette is like an old rose shade while Blaze is a bright red color. Pigmentation is good. The formula is not creamy so they don't glide on very smoothly. When you want to apply it all over your lips you may want to put on lip balm first for easier application.

On my lips Rosette looks like nude with a slight hint of pink. When applied sparingly this actually looks natural.

Blaze is bright red with warm undertone.

*I applied lip balm underneath on both pictures.

Personally I do not find lip liners to be essential makeup items. But if you do need to get one Nichido's are worth trying. They're affordable (only 100 pesos!) and they're good substitute for lipsticks. :)

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