Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review: Pond's Clear Balance Smooth Pores Facial Foam

I have big pores, not too big but they are visibly there. Of course big pores can always be hidden with makeup, but what if your facial wash can actually help tighten them for you? 

That's why I'm really loving this Pond's Clear Balance Smooth Pores Facial Foam!

Just recently Pond's came up with this facial foam that has an intriguing ingredient: Glacial Clay. It's supposed to be an absorbent to really cleanse the face and remove all the dirt, oil and even makeup!

I've been using this facial wash for a week now and I'm really happy with it. When I use my toner there's almost no staining on the cotton pad, which means it has really cleansed my face. It's also refreshing because it gives an icy cool effect, and right after rinsing you can actually see that your pores are minimized! The minimized pores are temporary, though. However I'm not sure if long term results will happen with continuous use.

I have oily skin so I'm not sure if this would be too drying for those with dry skin. But aside from the Smooth Pores they also have other new products.

I also have the one in "No Blackheads" so I'll be doing a review on that soon. =)

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