Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sophie's Mom SM North Edsa

My sister and I love cupcakes! So when we heard that Sophie's Mom opened a stall in SM North Edsa The Block we were ecstatic! I believe it's located right in the middle of Toby's and Fully Booked.

First of all, can i just say how adorable their stall is? It's so quaint and pretty. It looks like a bakeshop straight out of an old Hollywood movie. Love it!

I love how they package their cupcakes. It goes into this pretty little box with their logo on top, which makes it look very pleasant when you give it as a pasalubong. That is, if you won't be tempted to eat it on your way home. *guilty*

I highly recommend their red velvet cupcake. Oh my goodness. It's so moist and yummy! It costs 50 pesos for one, which is reasonable enough. It was love at first bite!

So, what happens when Oreo and cheesecake gets married and have a baby? They create the most delicious Oreo cheesecake cookie ever! Try it! :)

I'm definitely going back for more! 

Have you tried any yummy treats from Sophie's Mom? What's your favorite? :)


  1. i haven't tried sophie's mom cupckaes i hope 1 day i'll have the chance. :)

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  2. I love red velvet and the cookies dough *i think* can't remember the name,
    anyways thanks for visiting and following my blog.

    your from Philippines din!!! yey!!!

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